April Sale: Season Passes only $199.00

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During the month of April we will be selling discounted season passes for the 2011 summer season for the Whiteface Mountain Bike Park. Only 50 of the discounted season passes will be sold for $199.99.

New for 2011 will be our Family Pass.

Please visit our web site for more details.

Had a long winter?

Jonesing to ride your bike like this dude?

Thanks to Craig Stay for another great video!

If you haven’t been to Whiteface in the summer we have trails for all abilities. From beginner to expert and everything in between.

With your pass (day or seasons) you get unlimited uphill transport on our shuttle bus and/or the gondola. Shuttle services beginner/intermediate terrain and the gondola services expert only terrain.


A very cool downhill family from Ottawa

Remember it’s okay to walk your bike in certain sections:

In no time at all you will progress to the more challenging terrain:

The Whiteface Mountain Bike Park has plenty of natural terrain (old school) and also plenty of fun, new wooden features:

Not so classic old school. One of our trails has an amazing stream crossing. Huge fun!

If you think Whiteface is too challenging for you just tell this guy”

See ya at The Face!

Downhill Mike

Whiteface Mountain is operated by the Olympic Regional Development Authority. The bike park is operated by High Peaks Cyclery.


Official Nevada State DH Champs Post Race Report

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We would like to thank all of the racers for making the USA Cycling Nevada State DH Championships a huge success.

This next video is a must watch!

Much of the footage was taken from a remote control helicopter.

Friday was open practice on both the downhill and super d race courses. With racers railing corners like this, we knew you’d have to be serious to podium.

Saturday was more open practice on the downhill course, but showtime for the super d race.

The super d course was gnarly. Skyline to E. Leg

Bill Benda


Naish Ulmer/Park City, Utah

Ron Cazort/Scottsdale, Arizona


With over 200 athletes in attendance it was no surprise to see some well known pros at the event.

Here’s one of Cameron Zink during his Chainless DH run. Cam came in 3rd in the Open Chainless DH with a time of 3:35.97


Cam Zink from Costa Mesa, CA

Pictures courtesy of Justin Dawes Photography.

The weekend weather was a mix of sun, wind, then rain to sun with no wind for race day. That mix proved tricky for the course workers as they constantly re-taped the course(s). By Sundays main event (qualifiers for the dh nationals) the track was perfect! Tacky and taped from top to bottom.

Here are a few pictures from the downhill race taken by Justin Dawes Photography. Just follow Justin’s link if you wish to purchase your action pictures.


Bryson Martin from Marzocchi takes 3rd place with a time of 3:20.35

Mikey Sylvesrti on his Enduro takes 2nd place in the dh with a time of 3:19.69

Mitch Ropelato wins the Nevada State DH Championships with a super fast time of 3:11.18

On the women’s pro podium was Reno Nevada’s Sierra Smith making her pro debut. Sierra took 3rd place with a time of 4:52.46

Great job Sierra!


Sierra Smith

Gabriela Williams from the Czech Republic takes 2nd place in the pro womens race with a time of 4:06.62


Gabriela Williams

Sedona’s Jackie Harmony was the womens pro winner of the Nevada State DH Championships with a dominating time of 3:48.65


Jackie Harmony

More downhill pictures from Justin Dawes Photography


Andy Proctor from Dillon Colorado

Art Babcock from Fulton, N.Y.

Art Babcock from Fulton, N.Y.


Cam Zink/Costa Mesa, California



Now some pictures from the Canfield Brothers Open Single-Speed DH.

Jeff Frampton of Boulder City’s All Mountain Cyclery won the single-speed dh on his 29’er with a smoking fast time of 3:39.20


Mitch Ropelato 1st, Mikey Sylvestri 2nd & Bryson Martin 3rd


Jackie Harmony 1st, Gabriela Williams 2nd & Sierra Smith 3rd

To wrap it up here is the podium shot from the Open Single-Speed Downhill. Thanks to Chris and Lance Canfield for making this bit of history happen. Watch for more Single-Speed Downhill racing from both of us in the future!

Left to right: Chris Canfield (2nd 3:40.04), Jeff Frampton (1st 3:39.20) & Gene Hamilton (3rd 3:42.15)

We owe a big thanks to Cath, John & Kim from CJ Sports Timing. It was because of their professionalism for accurate times and for the event to run on time.

We also want to thank the late Brent Thompson for building the trails and Boulder City Parks and Recreation for allowing us to host a race at their park.

Many sponsors also participated including: Boulder City Bikes, Land Rover Las Vegas, Justin Dawes Photography, Go-Ride.com, Black Rock Bicycles, High Peaks Cyclery, Betterride.net, Morewood Bikes, Spank, IXS Sports Division, Events Unlmited, SixSixOne, Decline Magazine, Brake Authority, Urge Bike Products, Canfield Brothers, Vital MTB, Royal Racing, Sicklines.com, Tifosi Optics, Bike Fettish, Bootleg Canyon Flighlines, Division 26, Gizmo, Cloud Carpets, Ellsworth Bikes & EX drinks

Thanks for following my blog!

Next blog will be for the Whiteface Mountain Bike Parks opening weekend of June 17 thru June 19th.

See ya at The Face

Downhill Mike

Happy New Racing Year

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Click here to save money, get a free event t-shirt and probably at least 1 more practice run than those that did not pre register.

Quinton Spaulding

Picture courtesy of Andy Nidzieko of Blue Fire Pictures. Thanks Andy!

Click here to visit our sponsor page

You never know who you'll meet at a Bootleg Canyon race

From our last race at Bootleg. Left to right: Gee Atherton, Tyler McCaul, Kyle Strait, Neko Mulally (making his pro debut) & Dan Atheron.

Black Rock Bicycles ~ Burning Man Festival Bike Rentals


This guy knows how to teach! Whoa is he good!

Kevin Aiello when he was an amateur. We knew that wouldn't last long.

More pictures from our last race at Bootleg. Seen here is Kevin Aiello. Kevin posted the fastest amateur time at this race beating many pros.

Brian Buell

Brian Buell seen here.

Thanks to Monique Spaulding for these great shots!

KHS Factory Rider Logan Bingelli

Thanks to Monique Spaulding for these great shots!

The very aero dynamic Quinton Spaulding

Justin Dawes Official Event PhotographerNevada State Championship Official Event Poster as seen in Decline Magazine

Click here to visit the official event website

USA Cycling Nevada State Championship DH & SD

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Here’s a video from the last big race we put on @ Bootleg Canyon. This is a full 26 minute high-definition video with tons of special effects. If you wish to view click on play-then pause:

Official Event Website: www.downhillmike.com will be updated constantly!

Registration, course maps, lodging, directions, videos, pictures and more!

Oktoberfest & Ladies Day

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Click here for more information on Oktoberfest & Ladies' Day

5 K DH Video, Pictures and Results

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This years 5 K DH was not only the biggest 5 K DH yet, but check out some of these pictures from Jake Sporn Photography:

Race Video courtesy of Willem Cooper of Voncooper Productions:

Not just the pictures and videos are world class but check out the pro podium.  Complete results can be found on All Sports Events web site by clicking HERE:

Our good friends from Team KHS were looking just fine in their KHS team kits. Seen here are KHS riders Logan Bingelli and Chris Heath on Saturdays open practice session:

Jared Rando:

A big thanks to Peter Mills  and Chase Williams  for all their hard work and dedication. Peter was our main trail builder and added many new berms and flow to the race course. Chase aka THE INTERN helped us out learning all jobs for running a mountain bike park.

Peter on the left & THE INTERN on the right.

This 5 K DH course was entirely different from the past 5 K DH races. Peter Mills and company spent much of the summer working on the trail # 26 The Cliffs of Insanity seen here:

Picture by Kenny Ragz

Richard Rude Jr. pictured here on the Cliffs:

Picture by Kenny Ragz

Picture by Kenny Ragz

Neko Mulally riding for Trek World Racing and sporting the number 1 race plate:

Picture by ORDA's Evan Spinosa

The stream crossing is such a wonderful natural feature at Whiteface. It was so cool to incorporate that into this race course:

Picture by Jake Sporn Photography

Picture by Jake Sporn Photography

Picture by Jake Sporn Photography

Chris Heath boosting the stream during practice. I didn’t even know this was possible:

Picture by Jill Kintner

World Champion Tracy Moseley:

Beacon Bombers Becky Gardner showing style on the new lower wall ride:

More wall ride pictures courtesy of Jake Sporn:

Geoff Ayr

Tim White

Shad Wilson

Men’s Pro podium left to right Waylon Smith (Nema), Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing), Justin Leov (Trek World Racing), Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) and Chris Heath (KHS Factory Rider):

Women’s Pro podium left to right Jackie Harmony (All Mountain Cyclery/Vixen Racing), Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing), Jill Kintner (Transition) and Jess Stone.

We would like to thank these people and organizations for their combined efforts to make this event possible:  The Olympic Regional Development Authority, Whiteface Mountain Regional Visitors Bureau, High Peaks Cyclery, KHS Bicycles, Tifosi Optics, SixSixOne and all the people of Wilmington.

And remember:

See ya at The Face

Downhill Mike


5 K Downhill Press Release

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Downhill Mike


Whiteface Mountain Bike Park

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Wilmington, NY 12997

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