Whiteface 5 K Downhill

We are more excited than ever for this years 5 K  Downhill.  Pro Gavity Tour and a Gravity East Race in 1. Wow!  Since the course is like 4 courses in 1, it’s no surprise that the 5 K DH is part of 2 great series.

Event poster by Erik Balay

Event poster by Erik Balay

Official Olympic Regional Development Authority Press release:

final press release

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterdays (8-10-09) photo shoot. The rider is one of the directors of the Whiteface  Mountain Bike Park; Elias Ingraham.  First 2 photos by Bear Cieri.


1 more of Elias on the drop on Evil Empire:

Rider: Elias ingraham/ Photo: Bear Cieri

I will get back to race soon we just have so many great pictures that have been taken recently. Here are a couple from new friends Peter Mills and Pat Keller:

Pat Keller from Asheville, N.C.

Here’s 1 more of Pat:

Asheville's Pat Keller

We had a cool group last week from troop 72 in Philadelphia.  Below is a picture of the dual slalom action enjoyed by troop 72. You guys rocked!

This race ended up being very close.

This race ended up being very close.

The Dual Slalom will start at 2:30 pm on Saturday. This dual slalom race is part of the Gravity East/e-thirteen Dual Slalom Series.

The main downhill event will start at 1:00 pm on Sunday August 30. There will be a  seeding run for the pro men category as well as the combined pro women/category 1 women categories starting at 10:00 am sharp.  All will qualify for the finals, as this is only to determine their start time.  Please visit www.downhillmike.com for a complete itinerary, course map, usac rules and all forms needed to pre-register.

More pictures from last years race:

3rd annual 5 K Downhill

Only 7 riders finished in under 8 minutes last year. Size does matter!:

3rd Annual 5 K Downhill

3rd Annual 5 K Downhill

Since we are using the same course we used for the 2nd Annual 5 K Downhill 2 years ago, here’s a video of  that race.  Some of you may have already seen this video, but hey it’s the same course. Enjoy:

Registration can be found on Active.com. This year you will have the choice to purchase your 2 day lift ticket when you pre register.


A couple more pictures from past 5 K Downhills:

2008 3rd annual 5 k dh

The 5 K Downhill course will have many natural challenges along the way.  Some call it “Old School”, we call it “downhilling”.

2008 3rd annual 5 k dh

What 5 K Downhill would be complete without an Open Chainless Downhill race after the main event. Skin suits and flipped visors seemed to be popular last year:

2008 3rd annual 5 k Chainless

For those of you that want to stick around on Monday to check out all the other great trails, we will be hosting our 3rd Pump Track Challenge of this season on Monday August 31. Win up to 250 bucks!

Pump track 2009

A special thanks to  ORDA, High Peaks Cyclery, U.S.A.Cycling and all the folks that are making the 5 K Downhill one of the premier downhill races in the country.

For all your Whiteface 5 K Downhill information please visit:


See ya at the race

Downhill Mike

Whiteface Mountain Bike Park

518-946-2223 X 7

Size does matter!


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