Columbus Day Treasure Hunt & Closing Day

Here is a trailer from our friend Wayne. In this short video for Wayne’s 1st full length film “Through It All”  you will see some downhill action from  Whiteface as well as some street & local dirt jumps. Enjoy!

Columbus Day tv

Thanks Wayne! Your videos started off great and keep getting better.

10-2 am whiteface last Friday

Whiteface 9:00 am Friday October 2nd. What's your favorite color?

What a great year it’s been so far. We have seen the most riders ever, hosted our biggest 5 K DH, and we introduced many locals to USAC racing with our mini dh, mini ds and mini x-c series. What a great year!

You can't always belive the weatherman as we have had many spectacular Autum Days this year.

You can't always believe the weatherman as we have had many spectacular Autumn days this year.

For our final 4 days we will  end our season with our 3rd Annual Columbus Day Treasure Hunt.

Great prizes from High Peaks Cyclery & The Olympic Regional Development Authority.  Some of the prizes include ski passes for the 2009/10  season.

Here’s an example of the 1st riddle:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your prize can be found
on trail # ___

Note.  Some riddles may be easy but we may just hide the prizes a little better.

Not all prizes will be  riddles.  For example we will have at least 1 challenge?

Much more information on the Treasure Hunt can be found on:

Here are a few more pictures from our season:


Photo by Bear Cieri

1248616357_discover whiteface weekend pictures 2 023

Photo by Emilie Gaignard

Photo by Emilie Gaignard

Photo by Emilie Gaignard

View of Lake Placid from the summit of Little Whiteface

View of Lake Placid from the summit of Little Whiteface

Over 900 pictures from our last 4 seasons can be found on

We want to thank all that came to the Whiteface Mountain Bike Park this year and hope to see you next weekend.

And to get you stoked for the 2009/2010 ski & snowboard season @ Whiteface here is another teaser form Craig Stay of:

hit or miss tv

Thanks Craig and see ya October 10 @ the Cumberland 12 in Plattsburgh @ 8:00 pm for the full length film.

The Whiteface Mountain Bike Park will be open Friday thru Monday 10:00 am till 4:00 pm

See ya at The Face

Downhill Mike


One Response to “Columbus Day Treasure Hunt & Closing Day”

  1. Excellent and fun pics and video clips, keep the good information coming- well done!!!

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