Whiteface 10 run challenge

We are so confident that we have some of the most challenging terrain of any mountain bike park, we will award 1 free day pass to anyone that can complete 10 runs in 1 day at the Whiteface Mountain Bike Park.

Sounds easy huh? Can you handle 10 runs at Whiteface?  Can your bike?

Drainage, new features and berms have been added to almost all of our trails so far this season.  If you haven’t been to Whiteface yet this year you may not recognize a few of the trails.

Pictured below is our most recent work on the Fire Swamp. There was this crazy rock squeeze that was doable, but would slow you down too much. Now just flow right over the old rock squeeze:

The Cliffs of Insanity looks more like this now:

(thanks to Peter Mills berm work)

No shortage of rocks when fixing the trails:

Tools of the trade:

Some of our trails look impossible to tame but our trail crew is doing an amazing job:

Thursday race series update:

Due to low turn outs we are canceling our remaining Thursday Mini Races. The Mini DH, DS & SD. We hope this does not inconvenience anyone. This will allow us to focus all of our energy and resources into improving the 5 K DH course and existing trails. We now have 2 tandem loads of dirt that was planned for the ds course, to build even more berms!

We appreciate your understanding and we think more customers/riders will enjoy this decision.

World Class riding & world class town made affordable with our Bike n Stay Packages:

For more information on our 10 Run  Challenge or the bike park please visit:


See ya at The Face

Downhill Mike


2 Responses to “Whiteface 10 run challenge”

  1. Jay Fogarty Says:

    It does sound easy…. how many runs does the average person do on a visit?

    • Jay,
      It’s hard to say since half of our customers ride the shuttle bus only. Shuttle bus goes to intermediate trails and the gondola services expert only terrain. We are in a tourist area, so that’s where I got the half our customers from. Now to answer your question: My guess would be 5 or 6 runs.

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