Official Nevada State DH Champs Post Race Report

We would like to thank all of the racers for making the USA Cycling Nevada State DH Championships a huge success.

This next video is a must watch!

Much of the footage was taken from a remote control helicopter.

Friday was open practice on both the downhill and super d race courses. With racers railing corners like this, we knew you’d have to be serious to podium.

Saturday was more open practice on the downhill course, but showtime for the super d race.

The super d course was gnarly. Skyline to E. Leg

Bill Benda


Naish Ulmer/Park City, Utah

Ron Cazort/Scottsdale, Arizona


With over 200 athletes in attendance it was no surprise to see some well known pros at the event.

Here’s one of Cameron Zink during his Chainless DH run. Cam came in 3rd in the Open Chainless DH with a time of 3:35.97


Cam Zink from Costa Mesa, CA

Pictures courtesy of Justin Dawes Photography.

The weekend weather was a mix of sun, wind, then rain to sun with no wind for race day. That mix proved tricky for the course workers as they constantly re-taped the course(s). By Sundays main event (qualifiers for the dh nationals) the track was perfect! Tacky and taped from top to bottom.

Here are a few pictures from the downhill race taken by Justin Dawes Photography. Just follow Justin’s link if you wish to purchase your action pictures.


Bryson Martin from Marzocchi takes 3rd place with a time of 3:20.35

Mikey Sylvesrti on his Enduro takes 2nd place in the dh with a time of 3:19.69

Mitch Ropelato wins the Nevada State DH Championships with a super fast time of 3:11.18

On the women’s pro podium was Reno Nevada’s Sierra Smith making her pro debut. Sierra took 3rd place with a time of 4:52.46

Great job Sierra!


Sierra Smith

Gabriela Williams from the Czech Republic takes 2nd place in the pro womens race with a time of 4:06.62


Gabriela Williams

Sedona’s Jackie Harmony was the womens pro winner of the Nevada State DH Championships with a dominating time of 3:48.65


Jackie Harmony

More downhill pictures from Justin Dawes Photography


Andy Proctor from Dillon Colorado

Art Babcock from Fulton, N.Y.

Art Babcock from Fulton, N.Y.


Cam Zink/Costa Mesa, California



Now some pictures from the Canfield Brothers Open Single-Speed DH.

Jeff Frampton of Boulder City’s All Mountain Cyclery won the single-speed dh on his 29’er with a smoking fast time of 3:39.20


Mitch Ropelato 1st, Mikey Sylvestri 2nd & Bryson Martin 3rd


Jackie Harmony 1st, Gabriela Williams 2nd & Sierra Smith 3rd

To wrap it up here is the podium shot from the Open Single-Speed Downhill. Thanks to Chris and Lance Canfield for making this bit of history happen. Watch for more Single-Speed Downhill racing from both of us in the future!

Left to right: Chris Canfield (2nd 3:40.04), Jeff Frampton (1st 3:39.20) & Gene Hamilton (3rd 3:42.15)

We owe a big thanks to Cath, John & Kim from CJ Sports Timing. It was because of their professionalism for accurate times and for the event to run on time.

We also want to thank the late Brent Thompson for building the trails and Boulder City Parks and Recreation for allowing us to host a race at their park.

Many sponsors also participated including: Boulder City Bikes, Land Rover Las Vegas, Justin Dawes Photography,, Black Rock Bicycles, High Peaks Cyclery,, Morewood Bikes, Spank, IXS Sports Division, Events Unlmited, SixSixOne, Decline Magazine, Brake Authority, Urge Bike Products, Canfield Brothers, Vital MTB, Royal Racing,, Tifosi Optics, Bike Fettish, Bootleg Canyon Flighlines, Division 26, Gizmo, Cloud Carpets, Ellsworth Bikes & EX drinks

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Next blog will be for the Whiteface Mountain Bike Parks opening weekend of June 17 thru June 19th.

See ya at The Face

Downhill Mike


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